Apply for ReBranders winter edition!


One project, 30 internationals.

On the summer of 2013,

AIESEC Cluj-Napoca was thrilled to host these people.

Now, YOU can become one of them!

Apply for ReBranders winter edition!

ReBranders is a project of AIESEC Romania, which aims to facilitate the access of internationals at “Babes-Bolyai University” from Cluj-Napoca, by internship programs. The main goal of this project is to create a work space for young people around the world, in Romanian Institutions and Faculties and also, to develop improve their strategies in issues of marketing, branding and promoting.


  • Arrive: 15-18 January 2014
  • Departure: 28 February 2014

Why should you choose ReBranders?

Public institutions often, do not have time for their own branding. The amount of work is too big and that’s why they will leave the marketing issues somewhere at the bottom. Here YOU intervene! Your main goal will be to create more access between the institution and the person! To identify the problems in communication and step affront!

You are the right person if:

– you have background on marketing, sales, promotion, design, web design, PR.

– you have excellent communication skills.

– you want to find out how it is working with professionals!

-you want to discover Romanian way of living!

What we provide?

Accommodation in dorm rooms.

TN code : TN-In-RO-CJ-2013-1814 

Mihai Aganencei


Skype: mihai.aganencei


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