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thomas croppedBuna Ziua Cluj……

Eu sunt Thomas Betavio Satyamardhika Kristiyawan, but you can call me THOMAS.

Sunt student at Prasetiya Mulya Business School. So I am learn all about business like a marketing, finance, accounting, and etc. But at 5th semester, I took a finance major which make me more expert in finance valuation. Sunt din INDONESIA, the country which a lot of beautiful scenery. We have a hot temperature (the coldest is 20 degree celsius) because we are tropical country.

CLUJ for me is the first European country I visited. From internet I know Cluj is student city in Romania. But when first time I came to Cluj, this city is look like a kind of historical city, full of historical building, statue, and symbol. But behind the old face, Cluj have a young soul, young and friendly person everywhere, combined with a lot of cool place.

Thanks a lot Cluj, to welcomed me with a kind way….. ^^

difa cropped


I’m difa, 19 yo, from indonesia, I’m coming to Cluj for a cool project called ReBranders with this cool working partners :D. It’s a small town, but i love the student environment here. the people are so friendly they help me many times even without me asking.








Hi, I  am John Chang from Taiwan

I like to explore everything unknown, I enjoy traveling as well. As for the first impression of Cluj honestly, quiet different from what I used to imagine, a lot of old and hystorical buildings.





Hi Everybody! I’m Molnar Zoltan from Hungary. It’s amazing to be here. For the first time I’m not expected that things will be like this now. I have a really good team. All the funny moments I will remember. Especially for those what John got culture shocks generated in the room of sixteen. And I almost get used to my new name: Zondan. 🙂



diego cropped


 I am Diego, the man who walks alone in the darkness, waiting for one moment that lights up my life. People say when you die, you can see all your life passing like a movie. I wouldn’t like that movie was a failure because I love so much the cinema.

I think that the thing that makes Cluj special is his lifestyle, A lot of students live in the streets all the time, you can find some place in the night where you can have a talk with your friends or a hidden corner to escape from the world. Cluj lives in the days but also in the nights. Cluj beats in those who gets into inside it.



hectorWhen I was 15-16 yeras old, when I really started to analyze my life and choose what i wanted to do in the future, i definitely wanted to travel a lot, whatever place, whatever moment, and in this case, arriving and working here in Cluj, being the first time out of my country, i’m having one of the most amazing experience of my life, because i’m not only improving my professional skills, also my personal skills, the way to express myself with people of other countries and cultures and i am knowing the most amazing persons that i never meet before. This city is kind of similar of mine, thats helped me to don’t have any problems with the adaptation to the weather, the language, even to understand the situation that romanian people suffered during the dictatorship of Ceaucescu. I really feel grateful with AIESEC for give me this opportunity to be here and i’ll keep try to do my best. Hector, Mexico


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